Episode 5: 25 Weeks Pregnant with Twins!


Episode 5: 25 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

We start off reviewing how Megan is feeling and talk about some of her new symptoms. Did you know heartburn is very common for pregnant women?

Our babies are still growing and now are starting to put on baby fat! Now they’ll look more like babies and less like aliens!

Have you heard of room sharing?  What are your thoughts on this? Let us know on Facebook!

We were not planning on bringing the babies into our room, however after our last parenting class, we learned room sharing is one way to prevent SIDS.  needless to say, we’ll be trying room sharing when the babes get here.

At the end of the show we share a hint about our baby names 🙂 Check out Facebook for more info.

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Megan and Ben

Episode 5: 25 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

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