Episode 8: We had our baby(s) shower!


Episode 8: We had our baby(s) shower! 

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Megan is now 28 weeks pregnant (start of the third trimester) with our identical twin girls.  They weigh around 2 ½ lbs and are about 14 inches long!  I learned online [Link] that if you shine a light on the baby bump, the babies might shift and turn their heads to face the light… find out if they did!

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Megan continues to have issues sleeping. Almost every night she wakes up with pain in her hips. Luckily, we have an adjustable bed in our guest bedroom that seems to help her get back to sleep.

What we’ve been up to:

This was a busy week for us!  Our awesome friends threw us a baby shower and it was fantastic! Having a wedding shower at a wine bar might seem odd but it was great!

We also talk about the freezer meals we prepared this week.  My (Ben’s) goal is to have enough meals to last us several months without too much effort in the kitchen.  If you have an idea or recipe you’d like to share with us, post a note on Facebook for us!  [Link]


Something we (our friends) did for our baby shower was made it for couples.  Megan and I went to one baby shower earlier this year and liked the idea.  We like doing things a bit different and it was a blast.  We recommend it to all couples!

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Episode 8: We had our baby(s) shower! 


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