Episode 9: These twins are a pain in my ribs!


Episode 9: These twins are a pain in my ribs!

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Megan is now 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant with our identical twin girls!  Megan continues to have issues with sleeping and recently started having pain from the babies’ heads in behind her ribs.

In case you were wondering here is a link to the leashes we saw outside we thought looked like light sabers. http://www.squeakerdogs.com/collections/poochlight-illuminating-dog-leads

This past week we celebrated Ben’s (35th) birthday.  Megan talks about her prenatal massage and how this last one was different.

Megan’s work also had a very thoughtful baby shower for her.  34 people came to it!  Her coworkers are excited to meet these girls!

Megan also found out that her insurance will cover $300 for a home breast pump and/or $1000 towards a hospital grade pump.  She has been having a hard time locating one but once these kids are born, it sounds like the hospital will help us get one.

As of right now Baby A is breach (head up) and Baby B is laying across the top (head to head).  We need Baby A to flip within the next few weeks or it will be a C-section for sure.

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Podcast Episode 9: These twins are a pain in my ribs!

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