Episode 10: Shopping, Health and Being Prepared


Episode 10: Shopping, Health and Being Prepared

Megan is still having trouble sleeping.  Each night, she’s up for a few hours and sleeps a few hours.  Maybe it’s preparation for these babies?

We just had our 30 week (we go every two weeks) ultrasound to check on the twins and their amniotic sac’s, being that they are monodi twins (share a placenta).  All their numbers were great which is excellent news!

What we’ve done this week:

We just put together our Labor and Deliver bag. Check it out on Youtube: Link

We also picked out the girls first outfit. Our twins will look great! Check out the place we got it from (not a sponsor!): Link

Ben has also been thinking of running dress rehearsal drive to the hospital.  Has anyone else done that prior to the birth/delivery?

Weekly Tip:

Get everything in order at work by 30 weeks. Every day after that is borrowed time!  Both Megan and Ben lead teams at their work and they have done what they can to make sure everyone and everything can continue to operate, once these identical twin girls arrive.

We hope you enjoy this episode (our 10th) of The Twinning Podcast.  If you like it, please share it with your friends and rate us on iTunes!




Episode 10: Shopping, Health and Being Prepared

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