And so starts hospital life


Episode 11: And so starts hospital life….

As you can see from the picture, Megan is now in the hospital.  On Tuesday she was just feeling a bit “off” and decided to call the clinic.  They suggested she come in to be evaluated and once she was here, they found out she was 2cm dilated.

Sitting at 31 weeks +5 days we have new goals:  #1 is to make it to 32 weeks, #2 is 34 weeks and #3 is 37 weeks! (Could be a long but well worth stay!)

We recorded this episode sitting in the hospital so we had a few interruptions and the sound isn’t great.

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Episode 11: And so starts hospital life…


  1. | 12th Aug 17

    You can be relatively flex after you get a steady supply, but I think what helped me at the start was making a schedule and sticking to it. To get things stimulated, I would power pump once or twice a day.

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