Episode 19: We Went to Red Robin

Episode 19: We Went to Red Robin

This past week, since we both are still on leave (Ben has 1 more week of leave left and Megan has 6 more weeks) we decided to go out to eat and see how it goes, with our 5 week old twin girls!  We decided on Red Robin and were pleasantly surprised how it went!

We also just received a box from Abbot/Similac (https://similac.com/ ) with free formula! How cool is that?  They also has some resources available including a link to the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (http://www.nomotc.org ). Looks like great resource for other twin Moms (and dads!).

Our question for our listeners: What do you do when you go to the grocery store with your twins, and you’re alone?  Where do you put the twins?

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