Episode 21: I don’t hate you….but

Episode 21: I don’t hate you…but

Below is a short blog I (Ben/Dad) wrote about the past few weeks.  We hope you enjoy that and our last episode!

Episode 21: I don’t hate you but

I don’t hate you…but

A dad’s story about his newborn twins

Going into this whole “dad” thing I knew there would be some challenging times. I knew my wife and I wouldn’t get enough sleep, that was a given.  I also knew babies cried, you changed them, you fed them and then put them back to bed, right?  WRONG

When our babies are up it seems like all they do is cry. And it’s not that cute baby cry either but a full body, ear piercing scream. From changing diapers, feeding them, belly time and being in the swing…If they’re awake it seems like all they do is cry!

Sometimes all they want is to be held (which can be a challenge at 4am, when you’ve been up since 8am the day before). Other times they want more food. And what seems like a daily occurrence (usually in the night) there is nothing you can do, they’re just going to scream.

I don’t hate my girls, but…

  • I hate that they cry when we change their diapers.
  • I hate that they cry when we feed them.
  • I that that cry when they are tired or when they are waking up.
  • I hate that cry just to cry.
  • I hate that they still can’t see us.
  • I hate that they still don’t really acknowledge us.
  • I hate that their crying has caused us extra stress (like we don’t have enough stress already with twins!)
  • But I still love both of these girls beyond words!

I know I’m exhausted and probably extra sensitive but is it wrong for me to hope the next few weeks/months just fly by?

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