Episode 41: Not one but Two trips to the ER!

Episode 41: Not one but TWO trips to the ER!

It’s been busy around our house the past couple of weeks! Between packing (for our upcoming move), traveling and work we have been swamped.

A lot has happened though.  Our twin girls are now almost 18 pounds.  They are both moving around much more and each have two teeth!  Now we need to find someone with baby food tips!

We hope you like this podcast episode.

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  1. Ivi | 28th Sep 17


    I am loving your podcast, we also have twin girls and they are a little older than your twins but we have struggled with the same things and I love hearing we are not the only ones going through this!!

    Please do an episode about the CIO method! I know some people don’t agree, but again they probably don’t have twins, right!? Also, what are you guys doing to take care of your babies teeth?

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