Episode 45: Baby food at daycare

Don’t get us wrong, we love that our daycare provides food. We just wish it was a bit more health!

Enjoy this episode!

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Ben-Twin Dad:                  00:00                     This week on the twinning podcast

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:03                     after I jumped out the shower I came out and grabbed the baby that I thought was there which I thought was Harper the whole time.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:11                     Literally I thought it was Harper.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:13                     So I began OK. So I kept calling her Harper when she was when I was getting ready and whatnot. It was only when I went to grab Charlotte that I realized I actually had Charlotte. Hello and welcome to another episode of The twinning pod. Why are you taking that for me cause you don’t start.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:46                     Oh all we can really get the levels all done. How are you doing. I’m okay. How are you. I’m good. You and your play. I’m Megan.

Speaker 5:                           00:55                     I’m I almost said I’m Megan.  Jesus… pour the wine You want to talk about it. All right. Let’s see what we’re opening.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:04                     Well you can really hear anything we slide on this table.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:07                     You can so we’re open we opened a red and it’s like a pretty color.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:17                     It’s a very pretty color. So this wine it’s Cantus.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  01:24                     I think that’s how you pronounce from Italia Italia yes that’s Italian for Italy just in case you’re wondering. But we got this from one of these online subscription places that we saw on Facebook. I don’t think I thought on Facebook but where do you see it. Because you’re on the bottom. Instagram. Oh ok.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:51                     So they’re on social media. But it was Heartwood and Oak and they had a really good deal where we were able to get a case of different lines for under 70 bucks. And they’ve all been pretty good. So let’s see how this one is. So it’s a  red wine. So it’s made with monopole Chino grapes. It’s real dark look and it looks nice. Yes. Try it. There’s even Cork and wine is a good sign or bad sign I mean it’s a cork was dry I don’t know.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  02:28                     Smells nice. Does very smooth. Wow. That is good wine. Certainly recommend this. So

Megan-Twin Mom:         02:39                     I’m not sure what it actually retails for. I know they do his introductory offer probably hook you up pretty good wines. All of them have been really good. Yeah. I don’t know. That’s that’s a good Thursday evening drink. So we made it to Thursday we made it to Thursday woot woot. I know I feel like we need like some life from a celebration. Now one thing we were talking about this morning so Charlotte decided to grace us with her presence at 423 seriously child. And you got you hopped up and jumped right in the shower. Yeah I was like my days my day. I am up for the day.

Megan-Twin Mom:         03:24                     I just wanted to get in the shower before she started screaming even more than I could. It was a pain in the ass to get ready.

Megan-Twin Mom:         03:32                     Yeah. And I was more of the approach of let’s see if we can get her back to sleep. So I changed her brought her into bed. Haters hate whatever. I was like OK let’s see if I can get her to sleep with me for another hour and see if we can just so I can get some sleep. So I thought for sure you’re going to make me get up with you. And she just would not lie down with me and she had like she was so happy so excited. She was like looking around. I think she was like. It’s just me.

Megan-Twin Mom:         04:12                     OK. So I want to go back to that I thought you’d make me get up now. Did I actually make you get up with me. No

Ben-Twin Dad:                  04:17                     I did but did I make you get up when I like it doesn’t make you get out of bed at that point. No. Exactly. No

Speaker 10:                         04:26                     I know but I figured it was your wife props here. Oh absolutely. It was 423 I thought your. I can’t say I would say the same if it was like my like if I was usually on mornings if I woke up an hour earlier. Oh yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         04:43                     I remember looking at the clock. You’re like Are you kidding me.

Megan-Twin Mom:         04:46                     There was probably an f bomb in there somewhere. Oh yeah. So this brings up the point that I said like once I was finally up in the morning later you had him downstairs. We both beat them together or you fed them. Well we had to both you did. I can’t remember. I know no one in the bouncer Bo you feed them one at a time. Yes as I as I walk up I shower took Priscila for a walk but for any story about all of that you got out and you got Charlotte.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  05:23                     So after I jumped out the shower I came out and grabbed the baby that I thought was there which I thought was Harper the whole time.

Megan-Twin Mom:         05:32                     Literally I thought it was heartbreak.

Megan-Twin Mom:         05:34                     So I began OK. So I kept calling her Harper when she was when I was getting ready and whatnot. It was only when I went to grab Charlotte that I realized I actually had Charlotte.

Megan-Twin Mom:         05:46                     Oh really. I was. And it was like an hour. I know I do I do that all the time. It’s my favorite.

Megan-Twin Mom:         05:53                     I swear those twins. I mean there are times that I can tell them completely apart. And there are other times that I’m like.

Megan-Twin Mom:         06:02                     Do you think this is like dumbing them down at all like where we keep telling them like late this morning like with you. Harper Harper and eventually she started looking towards it. You know I wonder if it’s just so confusing to them.

Megan-Twin Mom:         06:15                     Probably probably hearing so many names and you know not knowing what a name is.

Megan-Twin Mom:         06:21                     But yeah I mean I do it all the time. I mean I feel a Harper responds to her name a little bit better and maybe that’s just because you know I call Charlotte Charlotte Charlie. JACK Yeah. HARPER I call Harp’s all the time. She’s also Harper I say Harper twice. I would say seven out of ten times she’ll look at me.

Megan-Twin Mom:         06:44                     And so if they’re standing there like you say Harper twice 710 times to look at you.

Megan-Twin Mom:         06:50                     So they break down to like every other 10 times to 40 or need that turns I feel like 70 percent of the time.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  07:03                     Like if I say Harper once I might not get any reaction. But if I go Harper in there standing up at that toy in the living room I will see usually shall I turn and look at me then I’m like That’s Harper or Charlotte. You know I can see Charlie. She might look but I feel like she responds more to Charlie than Charlie.

Megan-Twin Mom:         07:26                     Yeah definitely but I was especially like when I woke up I’m like.

Megan-Twin Mom:         07:32                     Why can’t we have cuddle babies. I mean that was the thing I was just like this cuddle with me it’s coal beds nice and Bourg huddle even more we’re really getting close to bedtime. The they go either like passed out or 100 Yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         07:52                     They don’t have like 50 yeah or 40 Yeah it’s kind of depressing Yeah.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  07:58                     So I wonder how other people if anybody else has non cuddly babies but then again I’m not I don’t feel like I’m much of a cuddly person. I’m not a cuddly person either. But I want my child to cuddle with me but that’s probably owner if that’s where the genetic are and I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that there’s two of them and we don’t constantly pick them up.

Megan-Twin Mom:         08:19                     So it’s probably a good thing that they’re not but yes but I will say that right now you know the benefits are still up in the morning when I’m having coffee and some breakfast. They will occupy their time for depending on the day for how much time. I mean if you go 20 minutes see them go an hour even over they’ll just sit there and laugh at each other attack each other. I posted that video on Instagram and seen it take a look at it but it’s like Charlotte Kerr having Harper likes you. I think she even drops her toy and grabs Harper’s head and then hits it with the other pushes her head down like a leg is in Harper’s probably laugh. Yeah they’re both laughing. Now just getting ready for WWE. Those kids will be a huge selling point for WWE twins.

Megan-Twin Mom:         09:18                     I mean it’s not like a cuddle the baby is it’s been kind of a it sucks soul of death and when you try to hole like hug them or just have them sit on your chest and they’re like either lifting up yeah or trying to wiggle out maybe that is some like a side effect from the NIC you maybe you know for the first three weeks you know they only had hours with us so speaking of McHugh hospitals these girls are going in light waves of sickness. Yeah I’m so tired of the things sick I mean it’s not only that they get sick we get sick. You know my mom got sick. You get sick get sick for an hour to get to a pretty awesome system and just drink it away. Just kidding. But I mean we’ve both had sniffles all week.

Megan-Twin Mom:         10:19                     Two weeks ago you were pretty sick. The girl probably should stay home from work. But I met the girls but I think I got that from work actually. And you may have gave it to them hollowly but then like recently you can have a vacation day from being a mom. Would you go out your trip to Salt Lake. And. It’s not like we’re going to like each other or anything of that but when you get back and I’m like I’ll see you on Monday you’ll know what happened. Dad needs a vacation. I mean the. You don’t want to sign that agreement. Not signing that. Oh we can I hope my vacation when we go to Mexico. But the thing that we’ve seen recently is they haven’t much had they haven’t had much of a head cold this week. They’ve had awful diarrhea. Oh yeah. And which in turn. I’m sorry if you’re eating but the result of that has been like the diaper rash from hell.

Megan-Twin Mom:         11:28                     Oh yeah the diaper. I mean like open it’s.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  11:32                     I feel so bad for them and nothing’s scaring and you know I have to call a doctor again today or no. Now it’s looking to me it looks better. Yeah I mean it looks better. That’s an open wound pathogen. We tried extra stuff and we tried hydrocortisone cream. We tried. And

Ben-Twin Dad:                  11:50                     then we started try and bag balm but I’m soaking in warm bath. They like that yeah I think.

Megan-Twin Mom:         12:01                     I don’t know. It must have just been the diarrhea and causing 010. Get what they ate. And they really didn’t. The only thing we have thought it was like a homemade chicken soup but all the ingredients were actually good ingredients. Yeah it was like we were going to use canned stuff but we ended up using pretty much fresh suffer everything. So yeah it sucks. Yeah. Can they almost feel like they don’t want to eat much on Monday and Tuesday as well.

Megan-Twin Mom:         12:30                     I guess I did notice that.

Speaker 13:                         12:31                     Yeah. And

Megan-Twin Mom:         12:35                     P.S. if you have any tips on how to get rid of diaper rash. Yeah you know our doctor just produces putting this stuff on. She probably laughed at me everytime I call. I mean these sores there. I’ve seen bedsores on elderly people and it’s that seem part at the top there but where the diaper sets you know that’s where they they start getting one of their sores Harper hasat and then it’s all down the center and it’s red and open in places and you just feel bad because they just scream. So we’ve been you know avoiding wipes if we can antiseptic human the sink and using the sprayer to Mashima. That seems to work but kind of hard to do that all the time.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  13:23                     I don’t I’m more now.

Megan-Twin Mom:         13:26                     I think every single time that I’m sick and tired of being tired.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  13:32                     You know they need some type of like Mom supplement. Yes. Didn’t I say that yesterday. I’m not on a mom supplement about my birthday which was my birthday. Thank you for the well wishes but to say like why do we celebrate our birth. This shouldn’t we be celebrating at least the moms if not the parents on the child’s birthday. So after this year. And I know we’re going to talk about their birthday coming up because their birthday is coming up. But you have the. You want to celebrate their birthday. We should be celebrating the fact that we’re still standing. You know and like here we still have 35 36. I wish my parents like props like they made it 36 years with me. That does deserve some props. So I don’t know. I just think so yeah. We have their birthday coming up. Yeah. Which year. I did. Planning on slowly destroying our house huh.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  14:29                     Glitter by glitter by glitter by glitter but I think it’s going to look good.

Megan-Twin Mom:         14:34                     We’re doing a sprinkle sparkles and confetti party. So I sprinkled and now I’ve sparkled something so far. Trying to find some tissue confetti I think I just need a river of the Amazon. Yeah. And a big thing is sprinkles.

Megan-Twin Mom:         14:53                     I could see if I could get some of our residents to make the they do it like hole punches and tissue paper. That’s probably kind of a mean Labor ish Labor log that elderly labor lost. I think it will be a good party. It’ll be fun and probably try to do some video for that to posts for everyone. Everybody’s Listening probably already been through this whole year with us as well. So I was this afternoon I was showing my core one of my co-workers a picture from when we were like basically for Garth and I was scrolling through the pictures and I can’t cross the pictures of them that NICU and they’re like they’re four pounds as well. They were so tiny they were tiny and now today carrying him into daycare. I was just like Furkan so heavy carrying both strollers are both parties are both car seats and like a we need to probably upgrade is cost.

Megan-Twin Mom:         15:57                     Yeah I was thinking about that maybe maybe Black Friday. You having a good time. Yeah. Everything is on so it is.

Megan-Twin Mom:         16:08                     I wonder if you can get a good babysitter for her babysitting goes on sale on Black Friday. But you should ask  Ask her if she’s got a deal. Black credit it is. Yeah I charge double so for the birthday party we’re going to we are going to have some friends and family over but nothing huge but you are going to have the kids do the ceremonial cake when they get there. Yeah hands us into cake. So this is where I’m curious like what other recipes have people used for birthday cakes for 1 year olds. Are you curious what the. Yeah I am. I mean you to feed them that much sugar. Yeah and dairy especially if I don’t I’m still going back to that when she had that explosion two weeks ago and all I saw and there was like yogurt and cheese and I’m like I mean then she might sprinkle the walls with something else than just wrinkles. I’d be interested to see what other people use for smash cakes babies.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  17:16                     If anything else I didn’t have a totally forgot it that’s been a lie.

Megan-Twin Mom:         17:29                     Stains? Oh yeah we could talk about getting wine out of. No not our stains. Yeah.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  17:34                     No. No I asked ask. Okay so we got these white chairs which is really intelligent when your wine triggers red wine drinkers.

Megan-Twin Mom:         17:42                     And of course like a big splash on there. On my side of the table because I’m clumsy old.

Speaker 5:                           17:50                     Yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         17:53                     brought they bought them over that we get likably we could take it up but again it’s a red wine. So how do you get red wine out of. Yes but my other question was How do you get just baby food scenes at a baby. Oh baby we sent the girls to daycare and a new outfit and it was just like sweet potatoes. I think they came back and they just looked like homely little babies and dirty clothes and their outfits went into the wash and it’s just a mess that looks stained it looks it doesn’t get better. I mean it works. We can wear it in our house obviously but I don’t think it’d be something you’d want to know. Probably not take out we could obviously their babies. People get that but there’s got to be something else we’re going to destroy all our clothing. Does

Megan-Twin Mom:         18:42                     that bother you.

Megan-Twin Mom:         18:43                     Dooleys bids I thought they did. I saw that picture today. Did you see a picture.

Megan-Twin Mom:         18:51                     Yeah I guess I didn’t notice bibs. Either that or they just don’t pay attention to them while are eating.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  18:58                     Yeah maybe we do need to set up a meeting with the director because the other thing too is or seeing that they’re serving that food to them that’s their Gosa explicit. But like what did I say. Like they have like donuts on breakfasts and pastries cake.

Megan-Twin Mom:         19:20                     I don’t know. Yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         19:22                     What do you think. I’ve seen cake but no like those that breakfast cake that they had that crumble cake very crumble cake is what’s on the menu for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Megan-Twin Mom:         19:34                     But like I said earlier it’s every Friday pizza every Friday when they have chicken nuggets. Couple of weeks ago. But it’s if we tell them not to. And we got to make sure we’re bringing enough food for them. Yeah. I don’t know. May

Megan-Twin Mom:         19:52                     be interesting to see what other people do in these situations. Yeah I guess I could be for anybody but it’s just I don’t want to stop giving them this junk food now.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  20:03                     Right. That’s just a road down a dangerous path especially when they’re that little. Must be the government food that they are. You think I don’t know. They wouldn’t get government food because they weren’t licensed when we signed up started with them you know. And yet they shouldn’t get for how much we’re paying them or should we get it good.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  20:27                     Yeah. No no no need.

Megan-Twin Mom:         20:30                     But what’s everyone else’s thoughts on that like should we. Is this something we should be concerned about. And then if so how do you handle it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  20:40                     Well twins because I’m just picturing every morning packing up the two girls are already packing up extra clothes and sometimes it’s diapers sometimes it’s formula sometimes it’s diaper cream I guess we could make their lunches the night before. Kind

Megan-Twin Mom:         20:55                     of like our lunch hour.

Megan-Twin Mom:         20:56                     And just take a lunch box or both of them and be done with the when you are now it’s just something to think about. But

Megan-Twin Mom:         21:11                     it is. But I mean and I also don’t want to be that family Lahai know how you said you’re worried about how many times you call a doctor. I could care less how many times we call the doctor but I feel like that guy emailing the director I’ve emailed her I think like once a week for the last month really on various things like once I thought they were charging seven dollars a day for the food.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  21:33                     Once was about their transitioning down a couple of times was about you know my mom’s pick up or is at our age or there’s another thing I have questions.

Ben-Twin Dad:                  21:47                     But I’m not worried about bringing in food for them.

Megan-Twin Mom:         21:57                     They know they’re serving crap food.

Megan-Twin Mom:         22:02                     So it’s an honor. Let’s end on a fun note. I feel like we’ve had a lot of doom and gloom

Speaker 10:                         22:10                     Happy Halloween. We knew we had zero trick or treaters her new house recently. We live in a subdivision. Yeah. Cookie cutter family is everywhere and here I’m outside walking around with a dog trying to figure out ways to lure kids do. If you’re so creepy looking back on it is probably not a best idea but I know exactly where it is. We got to go two houses down convince that family to turn their freakin lights on. Give them the candy to just put it on the porch and then kids if they round the corner they’ll see our house or we offer full size candy bars one year.

Megan-Twin Mom:         22:44                     So then that becomes the talk of the town. Or the subdivisional they give outfalls candy bars or this weekend it will be nice. We have nothing going on and don’t have to worry about anything. You know I get to watch sports Packers play on Monday Night Football.

Megan-Twin Mom:         23:03                     There’s only two more farmers markets left so we should probably go yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         23:10                     As long as it’s warm enough yeah I can figure out some way to buttonhole them up into something yeah. Yeah. So we just got to enjoy it because it’s just going to get crazy again and it has been crazy here anger’s what I know. I don’t know why they’re yellow.

Speaker 19:                         23:33                     That’s weird disappeared. I’m trying to think of what I did. I had orange chicken for lunch

Megan-Twin Mom:         23:42                     Oh squash squash. We should find out what people recommend getting how to get squash out of baby clothes. Yeah. All right let’s wrap this up. Check us out on Facebook. Like us on Facebook Hit us up on Instagram. Check out our Web site and send us message or send us questions and send us responses about how to get your babies to cuddle what do you use for removing baby’s stains. And I’m not talking like just poop stains poop comes out of the clothing it’s all if any baby food. I feel like we’ve served on stains that has color pigment to it. Birthday cake birthday cake recipes and then if you also have like a wine that you want to try let us know. Yeah we’re open. Sure. Our wine cellar which we used to have has now been moved to a wine closet with our winter coats but I’m probably going to move the line somewhere and get more wine in there.

Megan-Twin Mom:         24:44                     I don’t think we can get the x box. So yeah. Love to hear what other wines we should try. First Scheurer don’t say sweet helps your brand. Yeah you’re going to block them figure out. I’ll figure out something sweet. No. Unless it’s an ice wine. I like ice wine. No. Perfect we’ll have a great weekend. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode and hope we got you thinking or talking or some ideas for sleeping. Hey guys.



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