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Episode 43: Laura Owen – Twin mom and entrepreneur

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:00:00               This week on the Twinning Podcast

Speaker 2:                           00:00:31               This week Megan and I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Laura Owen. Laura is twin parent as well as an entrepreneur and I just had a great conversation with her. She shared some great tips you know raising her daughters talked about how and why she started a business. It’s a really good conversation. I hope you all enjoy it. After we got some recording we asked Laura what her go to baby shower gift is and what every parent should have. And we got that those responses on our Web site so if you’re interested in seeing Laura’s response to that go check out our Web site. It’s the twinning podcast dot com and you really I hope you guys all enjoy this episode with Laura Owen.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:01:18               All right well Laura welcome to the Twinning Podcast.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:01:22               Thank you so much for having me on.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:01:25               Thanks for reaching out to us. So obviously you have twins right.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:01:30               Thank you. They are. They just turned two twin girls. Oh wow are they identical or fraternal or are they are very fraternal. They do not even look like sisters. Like I literally have to match them when I take them to school so that people know that they are related a little bit money.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:01:49               So one thing I always we always like to do when we talk to people is what was it like finding out you were having twins.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:01:57               Oh that’s such a great story. So in Utah you know that’s where I live now. I did not have an opii when I first moved here so I saw somebody didn’t really love her went to a new gal when I found out I was pregnant and you know I was expecting just one couple weeks before my appointment I actually asked my mom do twins run in our family. I have a super small family. I’m an only child and she was very adamant that twins do not run in our family. I thought that OK I’m good I feel you know I now I know why I went to that first appointment and the whole exam new doctor and she put the olders down on my tummy and instantly I knew I stuck to facts and in my mind I have this I had this horrible fear that I wasn’t actually going to be pregnant that there would be no baby in there but that I would have an empty sack.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:02:50               So she put it on my stomach and I thought to and she goes oh look twins this like super nonchalant about it. My husband was with me and I kind of like propped myself up and I looked at her I said Are you freaking kidding me. And she goes yeah the look. And because I said Are you kidding me. And she said Yes my husband thought it was a joke. Like not understanding why I was nervous laughing like the rest of the appointment. And he finally figured it out though that that was how we found out we were having to do it. Oh my. Yeah. Well yeah. I want even get for like the further of the story. But the long story short is two healthy babies. It was awful.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:03:32               Oh that’s good. Yeah it’s. I still go back to that sitting in the doctor’s room when they are really very quiet. And this lady is just no there’s two when you’re asked if there is one. And

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:03:43               I was just it was silent.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:03:47               I didn’t know what I was going to cry. I said I felt like crying.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:03:53               Are your girls identical. They are. Yeah. OK. I’m looking at the pictures and they look very identical so yeah. Sure. Well they only had one heart that they could find on ours though. And they found one. They sent me down for you know like the full inside ultrasound and that was that was the moment of like hey I’m a little bit because that. But with that one healthy baby like what’s going on. And so you know we did find out that to healthy it was OK. But that moment. Well we got one side that was always you know blown a baby.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:04:28               So how old are your twins now.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:04:30               They just turn to less than a month ago. We made it two years. It is possible. What are you doing. I love talking to parents like I have a couple of friends that just had twins within the last few months of each other. And I’m like I’m always here. I’d love to give as much advice as you’ll let me give you. I’m hoping you can do it.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:04:51               Are  those friends in Salt Lake. Because I’m convinced that it’s the water in Salt Lake.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:04:56               It very well may be our old neighborhood had like 50 homes in it. There were three instead of spontaneous winds in the 50. Oh it was crazy. Do you feel like that the rate of wind is going up or at least. Because. I’m more aware of it. Now I’m looking for it but it might be water here.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:05:17               Your old coworker out there had twins. Yeah that’s right about that. Yeah. And it is you sat there you start picking it up more and more like someone is like oh they’re having twins or they have twins or I’m a twin or ears. There’s When stuff there.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:05:38               It’s kind of freaky because you know like percentage wise I think what it’s like is three or four percent of birth are twins and like that means that there are a crap some people having babies.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:05:49               Exactly. There’s a lot of kids out there. There are still here. So my hope that first year go for you guys.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:05:59               Oh my God.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:06:00               Let me just tell you you know marriage is tough. Right. Like marriage in general it is challenging but everyone says that the first year when you have kids is really hard. And I can very much the test and say yes that is so true. It was by far the hardest year of our relationship our marriage and my husband is amazing. He acts so he actually leading up to the birth of the twins. He quit his job so he was at home with us. I had that I worked for an awesome tech company that gave great maternity leave full pay five months. So you got to be home together as a family for those first five months. And I honestly do not know if I would have survived that without him. I mean I probably would have made it. It would have been very challenging.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:06:49               So we got to have a whole month all together the four of us and then I went back to work and he stayed home until they were about a year old so that like that’s my amazing twin story right there it’s just you know how I’m one how many kids like compter Police say I’m a stay at home dad. It’s really hard. And when you have twins that are under one like the man at the.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:07:14               That’s oh man that we both believe that going back to work kind of is like a vacation. I was living in my first day going back sitting in my office I’m sure it was like with you too it’s also and it’s like quiet and there’s no screaming.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:07:31               Do you have any desire to stay home?

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:07:35               You know I feel I like to feel bad but I had to stay home with the girls this summer for two weeks they had hand foot and mouth. Of course they got from school and I had so much respect at the end of those two weeks for any any mom or dad that stays at home with their kids. It was very challenging. You know I was ready to go back to work. I

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:07:55               had to work every day with my mom actually watches our kids three days a week. And when she gets there in the morning she’s very perky. When we get back to the flight. All right see you later. You know you could tell she yeah she’s pretty exhausted.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:08:13               I will say you know one of the biggest accomplishments for me in that first year for us I should say. So the girls were sleeping through the night for three months and I worked really really really hard at that. And I think people kind of look at me and get a little annoying like well you know of course it would work for you. And I am telling you like I feel like I’ve got a tried and true. I read seven different baby books and combine them all together and figured out what works for our kids. And I was consistent very consistent. It’s totally possible. So I always tell pregnant people twins are not like don’t let anybody put that evil on you. You can get your kids sleeping through the night you can do it. So that was my biggest accomplishment.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:08:58               What is your tricks to getting them to sleep through the night.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:09:01               Let’s see if this match up. Well when did you get here. Are your girls sleeping through the night?

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:09:07               For the most part. Well we’re like the last like for probably six months we’ve been able to get him to sleep for 12 hours. We’ve been. What I do is we’ll usually I’m the night I’ll swallow my feet right before I go to bed so wake them up feed him and then they go right back to sleep and that’s kind of what we’ve been doing. OK. And so we put them down at 6:00 and then they usually wake up at 6:00 a.m. with one feeding in between.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:09:35               I love it. Yes so we had, by three months they were going 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. or eight to eight. I can’t remember now. No feedings. Like straight through and they have slept 12 hours through the night ever since. So I will say like tips tricks that sort of thing one will wake them both up if one wakes up wake up the other you just got to keep them on the same schedule if one poops change them both. Just keep them on the same schedule that can be. So we never had them in our room and I don’t know if that was like totally intentional or not we had kind of a big house in our room was really far away from there so we slept up in our little bonus room with them for like maybe the first six weeks and then they went into their room together. Of course I wanted to put them in their cribs night one day.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:10:28               I had other plans so I had them sleeping in their mom a roos and they were like kind of bundled and like they’re totally they have no chance of like rolling over. So we felt really good about that. So they slept in their mom a roos for 6 weeks and that’s when they went in there and they always had each other. But the other thing I do find that twins more often sleep through the night sooner because they’re never alone. So I guess I always just treated if they woke up and it was like not a feeding thing as it’s my job to teach them how to sleep through the night. Like that’s my job as a twin mom and I can’t get annoyed or frustrated like they don’t know any better.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:11:10               I think we sometimes forget that their baby is like they’re not doing this on purpose and having that kind of like calm underlying like OK I’m here to guide them through this. That always helped me. But honestly like crying it out sounds bad. We would set a timer for seven minutes if they cried for the whole seven and that we would go upstairs and comfort them but they never made it to seven minutes. Never not one. They always fall asleep. So I think that setting that timer though was critical because it would be two minutes. And I’d be like it has to happen 20 minutes by now we have to go earlier. So you know it’s more regulation of our self than that.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:11:54               Yeah I definitely agree to work with the keeping it consistent as I am known to baby them a little bit. And I can tell that they they know how to work dad. And you know I just know we had a baby we put them down. And one of us was crying and I our I went up there hugged her for like a minute not even put her down for her and she fell right to sleep. She didn’t know what they were doing.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:12:22               They totally do you know the other thing too is I I really I wasn’t sure how I felt about breastfeeding. I just wasn’t sure like how I would do with it. So I did my very best actually pumped for about three months and that was kind of the end of it. So we are supplementing with formula kind of throughout that time anyway once they once I had stopped you know trying to use my milk and just putting them on formula that helped to feel like I’ll be very honest about that you know fuller tummy that really helped. I did talk to my twin friend twin mom friends about like stretching your baby. Tell me a little bit which sounds again sounds kind of weird and mean but slightly over feeding. And sometimes those add up but it actually helps them to be able to take a little bit more milk and be able to sleep a little bit longer.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:13:13               So that’s another kind of like a little trick but it’s the consistency like I was super scheduled during the day and I woke them up every like three three and a half hours or whatever you know based on their age and that and I just let them go. How long can you sleep tonight. I think the first night they ever slept totally through the night. I had been out of town. I came back hasn’t put them down at seven. I heard them stir at like five. And I was so upset because I hadn’t seen them in you know three or four days. So I got their bottles ready and went in their room and they’re out cold. Like you can just imagine me like backing out of the room slowly but no one hurt. And then they woke up and then it was it was incredible. So it’s totally possible anyone can do it you’ve got to be consistent

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:13:58               how much formula were you feeding them like right before they go to bed like say you know anywhere between like 6 and 10 months old.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:14:06               I feel like it was around the four ounce mark. OK. You feel kind of like whatever like they were at developmentally at that point.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:14:17               Yeah I want to say it was around four ounces I think you guys I think are really bread and butter is the six sounds more perfect I think I’m going to get to six to do it.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:14:27               I love it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:14:28               We tried it and they seem to have always quite a bit left and right. And beyond that sleeping is just the key and I think I do think one thing. Having twins forces you to kind of come up with plans and come up with strategies like this. I don’t we don’t have any other kids so I don’t know what it’s like with just one baby but I’m thinking it might be a little lax. You know if when if one baby is crying you know go up one. One of the parents can hold for him right here. But when it’s too you’re kind of like yeah it’s true.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:15:07               That was the thing we learned. I think one one when we came home from the hospital they wanted to put them in their cribs and we laid them in there one just started shrieking other one was OK. Comfort her. And then it switches and you’re like OK you’re looking down there and you start laughing because you like you get get me out of here you just have to do what you do. But that is another part of the sleeping that was I think really helpful. Like we couldn’t just hold them and cuddle them to sleep. You know they had to be a little bit independent. And I don’t know I put them in their crib at night and they’re awake like they’re alive and they’re just chatting for about 10 minutes. Then they fall asleep like they’ve taught themselves how to fall asleep now. So awesome.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:15:45               And are their cribs like directly next to each other.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:15:51               I did put ours right next to each other. I still they they can climb out they have not yet gone would. I’m waiting for the day. But I kind of figured if they tried to climb out they would end up falling into the other kids crib. That was like a better idea than maybe putting them on opposite side of the room. But we also moved to a smaller house and it’s a tiny room like it barely fit their cribs. I was just grateful we could get them both.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:16:15               And it’s like you guys are the opposite of what we did. We went from the small house to the big house.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:16:20               Yeah. So now are your girls going to be in a separate room. No. No. OK. But they have their own room.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:16:26               Yeah. So it’ll be yeah. They’ve always I think so are babies. They were in the nick for three weeks. And when we were on our last day that’s when they told us like oh you need to have your baby sleep in the same room with you and we weren’t really planning on them sleeping in our room.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:16:41               And so we had him sleep in our room for a week that we were going to do as they just had noises and I would wait to a lot.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:16:50               That was grunting and like squirming or they’d fuss for a second and me being the paranoid when I’d freak out like oh she’s dying you know. And so it was we moved him into that room and I think I don’t know I have some friends that have twins that are like 12 or so and they have you know they share a room and they said it’s like the best thing ever. Yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:17:13               So I hope we’ll keep them together as long as they’ll take it. Kind of my plan. Yeah. Have you guys heard of the app, the Owlet. Have you heard of this. No. OK. So it’s a smart stock that you put on your baby and it has a pulse oximeter on it. Yeah. So it’s like well that you had on your phone you have the app and it’ll tell you your baby’s oxygen their heart rate. So that will send a signal and go off like an alarm will go off. If something happens and your baby for some reason stops breathing. Huge huge like I mean it saved us so many nights my husband is a lot more paranoid than I am in that regard. And he’s like I don’t know how I would have slept without this.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:17:58               I saw that on my facebook.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:18:02               Yes. Plug for owlet. If anybody out there is listening and I think it really is only effective the first like nine to 10 months because then they start to like it all off and it just gets bigger and blah blah blah. Definitely worth looking into.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:18:16               There’s also I can tell Facebook’s like targeting me with specific data there’s like a new baby monitor that goes right over top of your crib and it’s a smart monitor that can monitor your baby’s movement and so it can tell you exactly like its sleep schedule I don’t know it’s called Landsdowne of those two or if it’s like if it notices it stops breathing that it can send like an alarm.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:18:42               That’s awesome.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:18:44               I really need those. So it’s this kind of makes you feel like a bad parent then because I don’t know that we ever I mean except for the first couple of weeks I don’t know that we were ever concerned.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:18:55               But this tough for I don’t know I always you know it’s like you’re like just now when I went up there I like because right now we’re in limbo.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:19:06               We’re going to be painting their nursery so they’re sleeping pack and place and I looked at Harper and her face was like shoved into the corner of the play with her butt in the air. And so I like put my hand on her back like I’m like just let me make sure it’s like moving.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:19:21               Yes. I’m like Oh they’re big enough now that they could roll themselves over. I’m sorry maybe I’m the only bad parent.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:19:28               No my husband reads articles and tell tell me stories about stuff. I’m like OK. Please just stop telling me that it’s possible.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:19:38               Don’t you or you like see something on like Facebook from like NBC The Today Show about are your kids you know safe in their cribs I’m like oh god. Really. Yeah. That’s I mean I think when we came home from the hospital they told us the babies have to sleep in your room don’t swaddle them which was weird because we swaddling them. Yeah.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:20:01               I mean it was just a lot of like in that it was weird too because in the parenting class they taught us how to swallow. Yeah I was on. Not this long.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:20:11               It’s weird yeah. And you know our girls tried to flex and bust out of their swaddle. That was the hole in it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:20:20               Yeah. And then who was the other one. I for up they told us oh not to have them share a crib which I guess we were never going to have I’m sure correct. But you know everybody you’ll hear some people say oh you should have I’m sure cribs and it you know because they’re you know sharing a mom for me for nine months. So I mean it’s it’s crazy.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:20:45               Yeah. That’s the biggest thing in general if when I feel like you know every everyone myself included everyone has an opinion and you really just have to find what works for you and your family. We are super scheduled like we have to leave family events by you know 6:30 or 6:45 because we have a set schedule. I love that my kids work 12 hours straight nights and I don’t want to screw with that. So you know but that works for us. And it really is just find what works for you. Find your happy if you’re happy you’re sleeping. You know you can’t ask for much more.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:21:23               You know we’ve got to get them to sleep longer. We got to keep them up later. My

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:21:30               attitude I believe strongly is that they’re  playing you. Like the nighttime feeding. They don’t need it. They love it.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:21:32               They love it because they love to say you know dad or mom come in and they’re playing you know we know each other well enough to like for you and really accuse you. I know you don’t mean it that way.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:21:45               We tried not feeding them for like a week or two. Couple of weeks ago and where we run into the issue is them then crying for like 15 20 minutes we’re there. And then you feed them and then next thing you know it’s like 4:30 in the morning. Now do I go to bed or do I just stay up and go to work. So it’s kind of like.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:22:06               So they cried for 20 minutes and then you went in. That right. Probably you can’t go.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:22:11               Now they know they got to cry for 20 minutes and then you’re going to come. I when you’re saying the seven minute counter. We look to each other because I think our role was if they cried for 15 minutes then we’d start the timer for 10 minutes or something like hey everyone have their own time or situation I don’t care if you go off and it’s you know they cryI feel like they was it last night. I think one of them startled herself up because I want to get her up and she was like shaking but she wasn’t hungry.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:22:45               A really bad dream for the girls. They really do have bad dreams even you know itty bitty ages. So what would be a bad dream for baby be? like Mommy leaving.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:23:03               Or the bottle rolling away. Exactly. Oh my gosh. So

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:23:05               you guys also moved with twins as babies.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:23:12               Yeah. So our twins were eight months. They were just getting to the point Charlotte was starting to crawl and Lilly was not yet crawling. scooting. I know we Charlotte too. I love that. That’s awesome. And my friend baby Harper had to find the baby Harper and. Neither of them are twins. Yours is the only Harper-Charlotte I know. Yes but we knew that we are still in process of kind of renovating our house but we’re in it now. But the one thing that had to happen was the girls room. You know we actually moved into a little like an Air B and B a little town home for two weeks and we were there in transition. My husband had a two week time line to get the room which he did nothing else got done but the room got done that was the most important thing.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:23:56               That was the process. Just the whole feeling of moving like we did. We had this big beautiful home and kind of looked at each other and like is this going to get us closer to the things we want to achieve or is this kind of hold that big mortgage came in holding us back and we just like took a really active effort to say let’s get to our house smaller payment and let’s funnel that money into the next like the dream whatever that is. And you know kind of long story short that led us to the gym and getting to you know finance that dream. But had we not moved out of that big house we can done it. So you know hindsight it all worked out.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:24:37               So yeah we’re not the only crazy ones to move.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:24:41               Maybe it’s one thing for people to tell you you we’re crazy. No

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:24:44               I think it was one of those. I have a really tiny couple of people and you could just tell I wanted to know before you know it. We’ve been working with a realtor for three years. You know she knew us before we even before Megan was even pregnant. Wow. Wow. It was kind of you know we just bought our house before was so small. We were like crawling on each other for sure yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:25:10               So if you claim to be in the big play now are you just like oh my god that life is so good.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:25:15               The girls really love it because they have their own room and so I mean they just you know pull all their toys out and play with them and yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:25:25               Are they walking yet. No they’re not OK. You’re like yeah I enjoy it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:25:30               But you are starting to do that like furniture surfing where they will shuffle back and forth in New York. Oh boy.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:25:40               And Harper tries to stand on her own.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:25:42               She promptly falls but I’ll knock her down if I see her.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:25:49               Tap her a little bit.  like blow on real hard to get it down.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:25:53               But she’s like the daredevil one so she kind of is I think just testing the water over Surtur. But yeah it’s fun. The one thing I’m noticing in here we can start about like the fitness we have like of like a furnished basement and then two floors. And it’s like I I’m carrying these kids up you know two flights of stairs it’s like oh God this is a workout. I think that I got what did I have what the first day we were here and we’re moving by about 45 floors. Oh my God I’m just like this is crazy.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:26:26               And I had kids in there you can double your floors I think.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:26:29               Yeah exactly. Because you have what you know 15 or 18 pounds on one and eating on the other and it’s like OK. But it is nice having a little bit more space. It’s nice being you know I think our neighborhood now is a little bit more family friendly stuff but yeah it’s definitely a verb place and you know be a good place. All

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:26:52               I can think about is the theme song from weeds.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:26:56               Oh yeah. That’s exactly right.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:27:00               Yeah it’s it’s yeah it’s going well. Good. Megan’s been working like very hard to pack us.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:27:12               I’m like you know better I’m still not on the path next time. It’s no big deal. I feel like I kind of will get there because we kind of already as long as we can get our cars in the garage. That’s my goal by winter. Remind me where you are?  Madison, WI.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:27:32               Madison OK. Yeah. Yeah. So we have snow. Probably not as bad as you guys. I think you of course know that. But I live on top of a mountain literally. So it is bad it really is.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:27:41               Oh that’s awesome. It’s cool up there.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:27:45               So you mentioned to you kind of just touched on it but I know one of your big things you own a gym. And so did you start this you started this after the twins as well.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:27:58               It did yeah. So it’s kind of a funny timeline. So I gave birth to the girls in September. And I always struggled with my weight. It’s always been a challenge. I’ve always been an athlete. So it was kind of one of those things where I was conscious of it. But I was more concerned about performance or you know getting through college. I met my husband and I ended up doing a fitness competition. Right. One hundred percent was in the best shape of my life. Felt amazing. That was four years ago and it was a total mind for me because I had a coach who essentially said if you don’t place in the top five at this show and you will have screwed something up you will have done something wrong. So when I didn’t place top five and I’m pretty sure I played last I lost it and I gained like 20 pounds in two weeks after this show.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:28:57               And my  body was completely out of control. So couple more years. I got it back under control. Had the girl and just could not get myself mentally. I gained 70 pounds in my pregnancy which luckily my doctor was so sweet. I mean I had a very healthy pregnancy. I was induced at 38 weeks like we had to evict the girls. I always say they are very happy with their accommodations. But I lost about 35 of it you know kind of right away. And then continue to hold on to the fact that 35. So finally in January I was like OK enough is enough. I need to do something. I want to get back into this fitness thing.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:29:39               I had a cute little Instagram handle it was damsel with dumbbells that’s cute but I don’t feel like that speaks to enough people. I thought like widespread enough great branding I guess. The short version. But. So it’s like OK love the name PinkIron that’s so cool. I looked that up and it was already taken. And they started to look into what it was and it was a gym in Hollywood. And I got on their Web site clicked on franchising and long story short we after a year of talking to them it was last November. I think that we went out there decided to be the first franchise. So did that process. We actually ended up partnering with owner of the company and we know own the larger brand and through that process we actually change it was it was really like CrossFit for women.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:30:36               Now we have changed the tagline we change the workout. We’ve really just changed kind of the vibe and feel of the whole thing and it’s much more inclusive. The tagline is women empowered and our workout is like nothing you’ve ever seen like. I can’t even compare it to anything because it’s really truly just so different. So that’s like very condensed version of how we got to where we are now. Oh but yeah. Did all that after the girls were born. They were my inspiration. That’s

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:31:05               awesome. So is this like both you and your husband full time doing that. Or is your husband back to a different job and you running the gym or how’s that working.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:31:16               So he does have a full time job. So he’s doing that really. The thing now is with the change in what we do and who we are as a company I’m getting crazy interest for franchising. Now we’re nowhere near ready to do it. There’s a lot of work that has to go into it before we can kind of relook at that. Once that happens I think we were getting close maybe middle of next year. Then I hope that my husband could you know leave his job. Focus on that and we can start growing a couple of more locations here. And you know back east we got a few people interested in it. Yeah that’s kind of the long game I guess over the next couple of years.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:32:02               That’s awesome. Yeah. So your story is kind of like I don’t know relates to at least me. Both of us though I know we’re we are both kind of into fitness. Yeah. And then once the kids came we like my biggest issue was just finding the time to get to the gym. I was used to you know working out like I do I did triathlons so I was doing you know just like the year before like up to like 20 25 hours of training a week. And then for kids it’s like I struggled to find like I was having a hard time finding only 30 minutes to run to the gym or 45 minutes and right. Or the energy or the energy to you’re just exhausted and not sleeping.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:32:50               And so that was I think for me in the beginning I was like my husband was not waking up with the girls at 8. It was just me. Lone lone soldier. I knew I could not do it for longer than three months. So I kind of had a self-imposed deadline anyway. But sleep is so critical. So if you get your sleep then I feel like the next thing is OK how do we adjust this. You get 30 minutes and I get 30 minutes and then we can do that and then it’s like 45 maybe an hour maybe I can go to a class maybe I can go back to the gym or whatever it is. But baby steps for sure.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:33:23               Yeah it doesn’t happen overnight and that’s kind of what we’ve been doing recently. Now it’s making sure you know making sure we get the girls in time for my day care for my mom. But then making sure we both get an opportunity so like tonight I can’t. I picked up the girls from daycare and I’ll go to the gym tonight after Megan goes to bed.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:33:45               I know somedays I’ll just hit it up on the way home and it’s nice to have two kids like the girls. I mean they can go and a jogging stroller and I can go for a run now.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:33:56               Yeah because it was tough in the winter with them because you couldn’t run with them in a stroller right. All right. It’s still too small at that point to me.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:34:04               I know I propped them with blank because I would just walk around our neighborhood. I’m like they look safe enough. I’ll just probably get better. So you got to do it is you got to do it right. That’s true.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:34:16               And then we just signed up for a 10K That’s next weekend.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:34:21               It’s a little fun feel full and ready for that. I don’t know that we’re feeling ready for that right now. I would love it. Are you going to push the girls. No. OK. It’s hard work. I think you’re not a runner.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:34:36               It’s hard running. I hate running. I mean I hate running. But the best workout like I feel like I get. Yeah but it sucks running with one of those jogging strollers because you got to have like one arm kind of somewhere near the stroller.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:34:53               Yes. So if you have been running technique where you have you know like loose hands I mean what do you do. Like I kind of push it like try and jog a few steps and push it again. But I did a triathlon last year actually when the girls were almost 1 and that was really fun. Triathlon Mom and I don’t know if that’s a nationwide thing or if it’s just Utah but they did a great event and I actually won some lessons in preparation for the event. It was really cool but I love it. I loved triathlons. It is a sprint. It was short but it was really fun.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:35:27               Know I’m going to try to do a couple next year I think you can do it. You know being old enough you know I did Iron Man Two years ago. I want to do another one but I’ll hold back until right after Ironman the day after or that night.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:35:42               I think I even told Megan I’m not going to do it again. You did and then it slowly sort of like creeping back and.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:35:48               But I decided if I do it again I want to make sure the girls like appreciate it or at least are there to kind of watch it. So there still remember it was I don’t know if my knees can handle more than one more quick meal. So do you have any suggestions on like what are some tips you give. Like do you work with some like new moms like people that you know just had the baby like on how to like jumpstart your help jumpstart your fitness. You know change that. Like you said you get the sleep and stuff but you know one thing like we it’s sometimes we just feel like this I guess for sure. So

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:36:28               there’s a couple of things. First I would say how much water are you drinking. It sounds so basic right. I actually should have a bumper sticker like that I wear on my clothes that says I am fueled by coffee because that’s realistic. But what is the first thing like we don’t we take it for granted. That’s kind of where I start with people. And just like re-examining your nutrition a little bit at the gym. You know we don’t we don’t have a meal plan that we put people on. There’s really we have a dietitian that we work with but we go well we work with so many women myself included have disordered eating. Now I wouldn’t say that it’s an eating disorder but it’s just kind of an unhealthy relationship with food. I think probably most Americans have an unhealthy relationship with food but really just pay attention to what you’re putting in your body.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:37:21               I like my mission is and I tell people this OK usually part of the reason that I wasn’t losing that 35 pounds is because every time I would wake up to feed the growth I would make myself a white bread and American cheddar cheese.  Cheddar cheese sandwich every time he does a lot of calories to be consuming in the middle of the night. So you know I knew that I shouldn’t be putting my body in that kind of like a no no. But then having a goal. So for me that was the triathlon and I knew that I knew I was kind of getting on stage at a show like having a goal having something to achieve that can be super helpful for some people. And then you can have it sounds like you have a really pretty solid relationship when it comes to it like equitable time.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:38:15               So you know you allowing Megan to go and Megan allowing you to go and I think that’s so so important is that finding that balance in your relationship of trust and communication like that like I said that first year rocked our world. We were he communicated really poorly. I didn’t really know what my husband needed. I don’t think he knew what I needed. I think he was really resentful that I was at work. I was really resentful that he was at home whose grass is greener all over the place. But something he found inside himself to help me get back he knew that I would feel better if I dropped that extra weight I was carrying around.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:38:58               And it that trick or like I needed him to do that for me. So if you’re in that situation that that’s another thing that I kind of harp on a level is communicating with your partner is really important. So they’re kind of kicking off point.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:39:11               So kind of non fitness this is something I just realized like everybody we’ve talked to except Melissa Melissa that lady Melissa d’Arabian said it that first year is just nuts.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:39:26               So if you were to do it over without having kids what would you. Because I know we have a lot of people that listen to us that are expecting twins. I was thinking I’m like you don’t know listening about this.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:39:37               They’re probably like fearing this first of all we are doing is bitching about how awful this is how hard it is.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:39:46               It’s awful. And then for five seconds everything is great. And then it becomes awful. Exactly.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:39:51               But I mean in those five seconds you have to redo it again. Knowing what you know now but without kids what would you do differently would you.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:40:00               As the communication the you know it is there. So I mottling back out. I’m clearly stuttering like stumbling over my words because I don’t know what to say but I will say I’m a very prepared and planned person long before we even talked about having like really seriously talked about having kids. I was calculating paper cost for you know reuseable diapers versus disposable and so I’m very planned very prepared which of course I’m sure is why the university of a twin because that’s not something that you ever expect more can and for. Communication is key. My husband and I communicate insanely well but it was finally like our one and only major fight that we have had was when the girls were like six weeks old and we were sleeping in the bonus room and the couch is pretty like a fur foam couch.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:40:59               And I would like Charlotte wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding her and I was exhausted and so I’d fall asleep. And he got very upset with me because you know he did not want to co-sleep and he was so worried about what happens if you roll over and we have a big discussion about he’s like I’m OK with you know whatever the percentage chance of them getting mad. Having said it I’m only OK with that percentage. I

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:41:24               am not ok with you increasing that potential even by half a percent. You use mother our kid. I don’t think I can stay married to you like I would be the end of it. And so it was a big we had never had that conversation. So you know there’s only so much that you can anticipate but I think just being super open like I feel that it rocked our world and I honestly believe that it was for the better. Like she and I are so much stronger now as a couple as individuals as parents. Like I get complimented by our pediatrician every time we go in. He’s like your kids are awesome. They’re so good. They’re such sweet girls. You guys are amazing. And I told him I want triplets next. And he thinks I’m crazy. I’m probably crazy but you know like there’s nothing you can do to prepare.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:42:10               And there’s everything you can do. So fear not. It’s stressful but it’s so worth it. Like one foot in front of the other you can do as and just love and trust and know that you know you each have your kid’s best interests at heart. So even if you fight and whatever you get through it. Nothing’s ever that bad.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:42:31               And I only kind of like what he was saying is kind of like me and that’s something that I would try to do something I’m always working with but I over think everything. Oh

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:42:43               my goodness. And so you right there and so I think you know that’s something like I continue to work on.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:42:50               But that would be something that I would always tell people especially the dads like you’re going to just overthink way too much. I remember like everything from the pack in place to where their car seats too tight too loose clothing.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:43:07               They’re like are they ever warm enough. I don’t think they’re all warm enough. Meanwhile Charlotte sweating like putting water on her.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:43:18               Yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:43:18               That’s the other thing too like I was so I I didn’t think through a lot of stuff before they were born in terms of like I think we’ve bought six car seats and that like I think we had four infant car seat and four toddler car seats like so eight in total that we totally bought the wrong ones twice about the wrong one. So it’s like little things like that. But you know at the end of the day like for us it’s been well let’s try and sell them on you know Craigslist recoup some money. Not that big of a deal. I think having perspective is really important going and going in things you know having the babies is divide up the work. You know that you know like I knew I was going to be the night person. I just knew that. And so there was never a fight. There was never any resentment around that because I knew we had talked about that. So you know communicating as much as you can is so important.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:44:20               Yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:44:21               That’s true if you’re if you’re looking to follow someone who has two adorable little twins that are itty bitty Jenny Schappell I must vote for you. J and Y S C H A T the L E. She’s a fitness friend from Santa Barbara. She’s amazing motivational speaker like just an incredible lady. And I want to say she was like 30 32 weeks when her water broke and she went into labor so her girls are in the nick for a while. But they’re the sweetest thing and she just has such a great outlook in how her and her husband communicate. It’s super inspiring.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:45:05               Oh I’ll look at that. I’ll take that in the post and stuff them too.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:45:09               We’ll try to get her on. She’s great.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:45:13               No I’m not be cool. Yeah I think the communication is really important. And you know it’s also I think you can’t prepare for it. I mean you can’t like we were kind of what you were saying we were you know we were kind of living in like a little hippy area in Madison and we were like you know what we’re going to do reusable diapers. We had a thousand dollars worth of like those geniuses sitting ready to be used.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:45:40               We used to have them you never like we’re not using them. So yeah this sucks.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:45:46               And I think you know it would have been something like Oh we just wasted a grand but it’s like what was termed So I mean we don’t you know I think we sold most of them and now people buy that stuff and it’s because other people are crazy you crazy.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:46:02               Did you still have to do reusable diapers or. Oh god no.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:46:07               No I haven’t. He shut me down pretty quick on that one. You’re not going to want to do it. Just trust me. I got to go. I do think people get really stuck in like organic it has to be this it has to be this you just really have to be open because you might think it’s going to work for your baby and then they come along and like I said before that you know they had different plans. So I do feel like don’t over overextend yourself in any one thing. Like I don’t know the people are putting out my love for you my Lily. Lily figured out how to undo the zipper. And I really didn’t want to put safety pins on it. So we had like probably five or six for each of them that we knew because we figured it out and I would come in and she’d be naked in her crib.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:46:58               So you know stuff like that and you have to laugh. You got to have a really good sense of humor when you have twins. It is not twice the work I did like nine times. But were you more like just be prepared. And I highly recommend Gadgil. You know there’s so much chaos that can come with twins but there’s only so much you can control and to control what you can and laugh at the right. Exactly

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:47:23               . Don’t overthink anything. You’ll be fine.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:47:26               You know gladly take your advice. I’m going to remind you I’m just going to replay this one about two hours when you freak out about your next thing you know of it just weekly hit that you are going to need to be like fine.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:47:42               You’re right about working so close to really five weeks away six weeks.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:47:49               And so that’s OK. So the big question and I do a big party yes.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:47:56               Yes I’ll do something big. We’ll do it because their birthday is on the 30th. So I think my mom’s going to come visit for Thanksgiving and so we’ll do something while she’s here.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:48:09               That’s awesome.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:48:10               What did you do like kind of lucky. I think we maybe had like they. Well we had family in the Navy like six friends come down for their first birthday. We did not do anything for their second birthday. We went out to dinner at the old spaghetti factory. And just like the fight well the four of us and my father in law and you know it was perfect like I’m so that’s just so outside of where I’m at right now. And I I’m sure you said it before Megan like that mom. I feel like a bad mom all the time. I’m like oh we live in Utah which is like the capital of you know make everything in your whole life look perfect. And I’m so not a happy person so I don’t care. Like do they remember Will they remember their second birthday. No it’s OK. I have pictures of them every single day. Their whole life. They’ll be fine.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:48:59               You know that’s kind of. Yeah exactly and I don’t think we’ll ever be the over the top.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:49:05               No it’s mostly going to be family and it’s all for them anyway right. Right. It’s hard for you guys. You’re welcome. I think we should have a party for ourselves. Well you’re surviving like we’ve made the wine party. Yeah.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:49:20               Or I just get a babysitter and say all right we’re going to be in the basement. You take care of the girls if you need us come find us.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:49:27               But you might want to go. I think it’s a great idea.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:49:32               It’s awesome. Well I want to wrap this up but thank you again for joining us. You guys you have me here. I don’t think so. It’s great talking to you.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:49:45               Thank you. This is so fun. You know I would like to ask you more questions but maybe not the purpose. Well ask you what questions you know I mean like so where are you guys with like challenges struggles. How has your relationship been like. How when did the girls go to preschool or day care. Like all of them.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:50:05               So I started going to day care right away.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:50:10               Yeah. So February they were going in the end of November and I went back to work 12 weeks later. So you know right after that and you love it do you care that there.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:50:22               Yeah the daycare they’re at is pretty awesome.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:50:25               And yeah they’re just they just sent us e-mails this afternoon saying that they’re going to they want to start talking about moving them up to the one your room when you’re old.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:50:35               Just like I was I was like ready I was I had an e-mail drafted again over thinking things in email draftable all about they were premature seven weeks they shouldn’t really.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:50:46               Yeah like they were like yeah that’s fine email me like my phone. And I looked I’m like I can’t send it now. So I did like that said Nanny.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:50:57               But yeah I mean I think it’s been stressful but I think you know we’ve kind of like balance each other. Yeah

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:51:05               I think when one of us is stressed the other one isn’t and vice versa. Yeah. That’s great.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:51:12               I mean I would say you’re like like if I’m having like a rough day yeah you’d like to send me like tell me just to go to the gym.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:51:20               You know go to the gym do that mainly because I want you out of my face and you’re like I can’t deal. Are you flipping me up. No

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:51:32               . When did you guys decide to do it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:51:37               So we did that on we when they were or when you were 20 weeks pregnant so that on there OK. So the first episode at the end of the first episode was when we reveal their gender. And that was kind of how we told our family. Most of our family and friends what we were having and it was just kind of an I love podcasts. We just never had like really a topic that I wanted to talk about you know I work with elderly people during the day. It’s not something I wanted to really talk about on a podcast. I thought about doing like a triathlon on one but I’m like yeah. And then this one it just makes sense I mean there wasn’t too many other you know of late you know a long form laid back podcasts out there about twins and I decided to be a great resource for other people.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:52:33               You know we talked to what was in anyones Patrick or as it just it was pächter and somebody that I was wasting is our last people we interviewed. I feel bad that I’m forgetting that I’m spacing but they were you know talking about how their lives listen to all the past episodes you know and I think that some of the men with this type of podcast I think it’s beneficial for people that are you know whether they’re pregnant with twins now or in three years our progress will always be up there and the platform that we host it on we can host unlimited episodes so they will always stay up there. And so I think it was just kind of a fun thing and it took us a while to figure out the whole recording what kind of equipment we needed for the website but it’s all you know I’m a marketing guy and so I think it’s kind of a fun thing just like market too and it’s fun getting people on that we don’t know.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:53:30               You know that we are social media and you know I’m working on like Clooney and somebody like that but I like that I’ve tried. I  threw an invite out to her even before the picture circulated. And so gosh that’s awesome. But it’s been something fun to look forward to also. Yeah. Nice. Nice. And drink wine.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:53:58               Yeah yeah. I want to hang out. I actually bought the domain surviving twins at school dot com. They do want to have like I kind of felt the same way when I was pregnant. There just isn’t a lot of information about when like you know what to expect. Look it’s like two pages. Yeah. I felt very discriminated against then. Yeah. So I kind of toyed with doing you know like a six eight 10 little theory something video for Hey here’s how to prep for real life with twins. That’s awesome. Maybe someday they will collaborate and that’s me and you know that was kind of another thing.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:54:42               And I think you mentioned this before but there’s nothing out there that really like everything else about having twins kind of sugarcoated it in I mean like you read a book. What was that book. But it was for single babies. But it was the shit that people don’t tell you ever.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:54:58               Yeah.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:55:00               And I mean I think our podcast is about as honest as it gets. I mean well I mean there’s the time when we’re in the NICU and you can hear you crying all the time that you know you could tell why on pure exhaustion there’s episodes we recorded that we don’t even remember recording.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:55:16               Yeah I’m pretty certain for like the first few months like the first few months of podcasts while I was pregnant every single episode. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. Or the one we recorded at that fondu place. I’m  like I’m pretty sure we were drunk by that time because we were recording it at the table and we had like the winds flight and they gave us huge glasses of wine.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:55:16               Oh my god, I love it.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:55:44               But I mean I think it yeah I don’t know it’s us. I think definitely I think there should be more resources out there. Yeah.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:55:50               Just multiples in general like it just you know it really always to me when people were like oh you know you’re lucky because it’s your first you don’t know any different I’m like you’re totally right. And if anybody said anything to me about you I’m like oh is that what you did with your twin. Like you should get this one and I’m like did you happen to say things like that things out you know because there really is and as much as we all know people with twins I think it’s so hard to pull out your phone and send a text because you may not even remember that you sent it. It’s you know you’re so tired and it’s having that community and that resource like I love the podcast. I love that I get on here and listen to stuff when I’m feeling like having a crappy day and I need to know that I’m not alone.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:56:41               I can highlight a couple of the episodes like put them in the show week 31.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:56:48               What’s the one when you’re in the hospital for pre-term labor.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:56:52               Oh no way. I thought I was a rough one so went OK.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:56:58               Are you going to stop me. Just like we don’t want to talk about it like the delivery process and everything. Where were you like week-wise and how did that all go.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:57:07               So I went into pre-term labor and week 31 and they threw me in the hospital stuck me on a mag drip and they were able to keep me pregnant for another two weeks. I kept it for like a week and then sent you home for about a week. A few days and then sent me home. And then then you’re basically like yeah bedridden but not bad right. Yeah. So I went to the measure for a twin to twin transfusion when you have twins. And I had a scan and they measured the girls to be a pound off and they sent us home and brought us back and were like We wonder if there’s no twins twin transfusion if there is we’ll go ahead and deliver the babies. Sure. So I came back and the doctors like I don’t think that you have twin to twin.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:58:08               He’s like I think one of your what one of your sacs is broken. Sure. So that was like 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They took me up to triage. They checked me out when they saw they tilted me back and let me like kind of reclined me backwards to kind of get everything to pool. And when they raised me forward my water broke and they thought that they were going to be able to keep me pregnant for a few days and the girls were born two and a half or so.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:58:43               Oh my gosh. So OK. Excellent. Not like.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:58:49               Yes will have to be right. So Charlotte was Baby A and she was breech. I feel like maybe eight to nine.

Megan-Twin Mom:         00:58:58               So yeah.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:59:00               So we definitely we went from zero to crazy. Yeah. Like not even an hour like. Yeah. Megan sent me home after her water broke to get her computer so she could do some works.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:59:15               The doctor said you know if there’s ever a time it’s going to be safe for you to go home. That was the best time to go. OK. OK. So I drove like it’s only like four miles away but it took me like 20 minutes to get home. It was the first snow and it was rush hour and it was rush hour. Megan called me and said you know you might want to hurry up. OK. And I got to the house. And

Ben-Twin Dad:                   00:59:37               then you called you’re like where are you I’m like at home you’re like get back now. So then I’m flying by the time I got back to the hospital you were already like what eight centimeters. I mean like you were in extreme hallucinating pain and I’m like oh God this is happening.

Laura-Twin Mom:            00:59:54               Oh wow. That’s incredible. And you know I mean you’re probably somewhat prepared that you have a bag ready. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah especially after the first scare you’re like OK we need to like.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:00:05               Well we actually got that. Anyways I packed it. I knew that any time after week 30 I was on borrowed time. So

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:00:13               yeah I felt same week 26. Like I think the youngest that they kept they were able to save a baby was like 24 weeks so I 26 them in the pack my bag. Oh that’s amazing. Well you’re a rock star. Like I know that you and Jenny would just have so much share and chat together about Kambli the girls were only in three weeks.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   01:00:36               You know so they may you think once they’re born they are.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   01:00:39               And so going back to what the doctor said they thought there was like a pound difference when they were born. They were both exactly three pounds 12 ounces. No. So which was like they didn’t. They’re like we’ve never seen this really worth twins being the exact same weight to the Gramp it were the exact same weight truly identical. And then about three weeks. And they were home Wednesday or Thursday before Christmas was like three or four days before Christmas.

Megan-Twin Mom:         01:01:12               And that’s kind of what I told him. It’s like you know I want them out of here by Christmas.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   01:01:16               Yeah. And you said that every time anybody came in you know like I want them out of here by Christmas.

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:01:22               Yeah. I feel like we’re on track right there leaving my Christmas. Wow that’s amazing. Thank you for sharing that with me.

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:01:34               Yeah I feel like when you survive something like that that’s stressful. Like the rest of the year you can do anything. We’ve made it through that.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   01:01:44               Yeah I think so. I don’t know. I feel like having the babies in the nick you two was kind of a blessing because it was almost like pre-training right. You know because they were born. But we’d still go home but you had to wake up every three hours to pump and I was waking up with you and you know it was that was hard leaving them there but it was kind of oh yeah you know it’s good kind of ready to go. And they came back. We

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:02:13               were on the same schedule and I would say that that’s major silver lining. And I think a lot of parents find silver lining wherever they can. You know you can find the blessing in it and some people will be really frustrated and you know just like would take a really negative situation. But I love that you guys are like no it was like we were able to get through. We found the good part in it. And that’s how we made it.

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:02:39               You know one foot in the other. That’s awesome.

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:02:45               Cool. Thank you Guys. Yeah. Thank you so much fun. Yeah. Yes. Great connecting with you and you know hopefully you get out to Salt Lake sometime. Yeah. A little you have to let me know if you get out here. Sure. And where can people find you online.

Laura-Twin Mom:            01:03:02               So I’m mostly active on Instagram so my handle is at. LauraAnneOwen. And then you can then you can follow the Gym at pink like the color iron you iron your clothes and then we have location pages well for at pinkiron. But at Pink iron is the best one. And you know we’re we’re always responsive to DMD’s and all of that. So Instagram’s really kind of awesome.

Ben-Twin Dad:                   01:03:29               And I’ll put that in the notes and perfect. Well thank you very much for joining us. It was a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you Guy. Have a good one.



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