Megan:”There is only one in there, right?”

Nurse: “Nope, there’s two!”

Megan & Ben

Not many couples can say they had two weddings, but we can!  Our first one was in January of 2015 in Costa Rica.  This symbolic ceremony was just the two of us and we had a blast! Our second wedding was at Megan’s home in Southern Indiana with our family and friends and went perfectly!

Living in Madison, WI we enjoy everything from shopping at the local farmers market to cheering on the Wisconsin Football and Basketball teams. Our small (hopefully big enough for twins!) house will be a perfect home to start our family. Our English Bulldog, Priscilla also is excited to become a big sister.


Twins. Yet another one of God’s hilarious curve balls.

Why Podcast?

Obviously we were not expecting identical twins! We look at our podcast as a way to sit down together and talk anything and everything about twins. We hope others will find our conversations entertaining and helpful. If you are having or had twins, send us a note. Maybe we can get you on an upcoming podcast?